Pax Romana responsibilities

Responsibilities of Pax Romana

Managing health and safety

Under Queensland law, Pax Romana is required to manage health and safety risks, so that the health and safety of members and other people are not affected by the organisation’s conduct.

Pax Romana manages health and safety in the following ways:

  1. Conducting a group risk assessment (GRA) annually.  Pax Romana ensures that a variety of members are involved in the development of the GRA, so as to decrease the risk of a hazard being over-looked.  Pax Romana also ensures that members have access to the current GRA on the Pax Romana internal notice board, are advised when the GRA is updated.
  2. Keeping this website current, so as to ensure all members have access to current safety information at Pax Romana.
  3. Requiring members to adhere to safety requirements (as set out on the Individual Member Responsibilities page) and reviewing the membership status of members who fail to comply with their responsibilities.
  4. Appointing an Event Marshall, who is responsible for overseeing safety at a particular Pax Romana event (as set out on the Marshall Responsibilities Page).
  5. Encouraging members to give feedback/make a complaint if they are concerned about the conduct of a Pax Romana member and/or an Event Marshall.
  6. Making forms – such as the event sign-on sheet – readily available to all members, on the Pax Romana internal notice board.
  7. Reporting incidents and injuries to WHSQ and the QLHF.
  8. Implementing processes to help reduce the risk of harm occurring to children and young people who engage with Pax Romana members.
  9. Encouraging members to become involved in the management of health and safety matters, by making suggestions, sharing ideas and getting involved in the development of the GRA etc.
  10. Managing the ‘confirmation’ of Pax Romana members on the QLHF Babel Page as per QLHF requirements.

Reporting serious injuries/incidents or death

Under Queensland law, Pax Romana is required to immediately notify Workplace Health & Safety Queensland (WHSQ) about serious injuries, incidents or deaths which occur at events.

Under the QLHF rules, Pax Romana is required to report all  incidents to QLHF on the approved QLHF Incident Report form.

Linking Blue Cards to Pax Romana

Pax Romana is required to ensure that all Pax Romana members who are aged over 18 years have a working with children positive notice (‘Blue Card’) and  link their Blue Card to Pax Romana.

Report all suspicions of harm

Pax Romana must, if they suspect that a child has suffered, is suffering, or is at unacceptable risk of suffering, significant harm caused by physical or sexual abuse:

  1. Immediately report their suspicions to the Department of Child Safety; and
  2. Avoid asking the child too many questions, as this may make it difficult to obtain a conviction.

Children must only be questioned by Qld Police.  When untrained people ask questions of a child may, this may make it more difficult to secure a conviction. 


Last updated: 11 April 2017