Individual member responsibilities

Responsibilities of Individual Pax Romana members

The responsibilities of individual Pax Romana members are set out below.  These requirements may change from time-to-time.

Members who breach these requirements may lose their Pax Romana membership.

Behave safely

When attending events, all Pax Romana members have a responsibility to make sure they behave in a way that will not cause harm to themselves or to other people.

Pax Romana members are required to operate within the law at all times.

Keep QLHF membership up to date

For insurance reasons, Pax Romana members are not able to participate in any events unless they are current financial members of the QLHF  and they are listed as a member of Pax Romana on the QLHF Babel portal.

Members who breach this requirement will not be covered by insurance, and Pax Romana accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, which results as a consequence of a member participating in activities whilst uninsured.

It is the responsibility of each Pax Romana member to make sure they keep their own QLHF membership up to date.  Pax Romana members can manage their QLHF membership at any time on the QLHF Babel portal.

Adhere to QLHF Code of Conduct

It is a condition of membership in Pax Romana that all members adhere to the QLHF Code of Conduct.

Group risk assessment

Prior to engaging in activities, all Pax Romana members must personally read – and abide by – the current group risk assessment (GRA), which is available on the documents page of this website.

The GRA sets out the hazards that have been identified and the controls that are in place to minimise the risks.

Advise if intending to introduce a new activity

Pax Romana members must advise the President of Pax Romana if they are intending to begin a new activity that is not already contained on the GRA.

Members must not commence the new activity until it has been risk assessed and formally added to the GRA.

Attend daily safety meeting

Pax Romana members must attend the safety meeting at the beginning of each days’ activities and sign the event sign-on sheet.

At the safety meeting, the Event Marshall will outline any specific one-off risks that are being managed (e.g. onsite traffic at a particular event) and advise how these risks are being managed for the day.

All Pax Romana members must adhere to these controls set out by the Event Marshall, in the same way they would adhere to controls in the GRA.

If a member arrives late (i.e. after the safety meeting), then – before commencing activities – they must report to the Event Marshall for a safety briefing, and must sign the event sign-on sheet.

Sign the event sign-on sheet

All Pax Romana members must sign the event sign-on sheet at the beginning of each days’ activities.  By signing the event sign-on sheet, a Pax Romana member confirms that:

  1. They have read the GRA and they will abide by the controls set out in it; and
  2. They will comply with the rules and by-laws of Pax Romana and the QLHF, including reporting any injuries or incidents on the QLHF approved form; and
  3. They have advised the Event Marshall of any medical requirements (including the location of their epi-pen, asthma puffer, insulin or any other medication); and
  4. If engaging in any activity involving armour and/or weapons, they are fit to participate and they are not under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs or medication that impairs reaction times and/or judgement.

Report all incidents

If a Pax Romana member is injured or if they become aware that there has been an incident at a Pax Romana event, they must advise the Event Marshall immediately.

Unless injured in a way that prevents it, members involved in incidents must submit a report to the Event Marshall and the President on the approved QLHF form within 24 hours.

Note that this report may be required earlier if requested by the QLHF Safety Marshall, the Queensland Police, and/or Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

If you fail to promptly report an incident, you may be breaking the law.  


Pax Romana members must not engage in gladiator activities of a particular style unless they have been recorded in the group register as authorised to fight in that style of gladiator.

All Pax Romana members who engage in gladiatorial activities must adhere to the QLHF By-laws for the use of edged weapons.

Interact appropriately with children and young people

Pax Romana is committed to providing a safe environment for children and young people.

All Pax Romana members must comply with the Pax Romana Code of Conduct for Interacting with Children and Young People.

Link Blue Card to Pax Romana

All Pax Romana members who are aged over 18 years must have a working with children positive notice (‘Blue Card’) and agree to link their Blue Card to Pax Romana.

By linking Blue Cards to Pax Romana, this means that Queensland Police can immediately advise us if a members’ Blue Card is suspended or revoked.

If a members’ Blue Card is suspended or revoked, then the member cannot participate in Pax Romana activities, including participating in the online internal noticeboard.

Report all suspicions of harm

All Pax Romana members must, if they suspect that a child has suffered, is suffering, or is at unacceptable risk of suffering, significant harm caused by physical or sexual abuse:

  1. Immediately confidentially report their suspicions to the President; and
  2. Avoid asking the child too many questions, as this may make it difficult to obtain a conviction.

Children must only be questioned by Qld Police.  When untrained people ask questions of a child may, this may make it more difficult to secure a conviction. 


Last updated: 11 April 2017